• How to Determine How Much Paint You’ll Need

    Are you about to embark on painting project? Check out this handy guideline to calculate how much paint you’ll need from the helpful staff at Dulux in Bedford.

    1. Have on hand a measuring tape, a pen, paper, and a calculator.

    2. Measure the height...

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  • Team Power

    About a year ago I was hired by homeowners to provide a staging consultation for their house before it hit the market. They had already chosen their Realtor, who I had no contact with, and who had not suggested staging.

    The sellers had built the home with high quality and low maintenance in mind;...

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  • No Intent to Insult

    My home staging instructor 13 years ago suggested that the hardest part of being a good stager may be telling people their homes are not up to snuff. I disagreed. I believe that how people live in their homes is their right to choose. My role as a stager is to show how to...

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  • Choosing a Countertop

    If you’re considering a new countertop, the myriad of choices may be somewhat overwhelming. For a kitchen countertop in particular you may be looking at a significant investment. Take the time first to mull over these four primary considerations.




    1. Functionality....

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  • Are Colours Coming Back?

    It’s not unusual to read an article these days predicting a shift from the safe, easy beige and gray neutrals we’ve been using in our homes, towards stronger, brighter colours. Larger centres are already experiencing this, while smaller centres such as the one I live and work in will likely...

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  • Assisting Aging Parents in the Family Home

    The last few years I've been immersed in the care of my aging parents. I have a great deal of experience with clients in this position and was prepared for the experience to be difficult, emotional and complicated. I did not expect it to be as overwhelming as...

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  • What are the goals of Home Staging?

    If you are selling a home anytime soon, you'll want to maximize your sale price, sell quickly, and get into your new space with as little stress as possible. Right? 

    There are are 5 main goals of staging. The more of these you achieve, the more...

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  • Quick Fix for a Scuffed Countertop

    Living in our homes we tend to overlook small deficiencies until we get around to a fix. Something like a damaged, scuffed countertop may be that kind of a thing. However, if you aren’t the type to overlook flaws or if you are selling your home, a quick, temprary fix...

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  • The Psychology of Floor Colour

    Guest Blog:  The Psychology of Floor Colour by Wood and Beyond


    The colour of a floor can have a dramatic impact on the way a space looks and feels.  This occurs because colours have a psychological effect on human beings, influencing our emotions and changing the...

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  • Discover the Calm of Colouring

    Life can be fairly stressful. For me, dancing, yoga and walking the dog help, but people keep suggesting meditation. Well I had tried ooohming with legs crossed; with and without music, voice over, and candles, with little success. My mind refused to quiet. You know those internal voices that constantly question, plan, review,...

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  • Your work went a long way to making the house sell within 48 hours of hitting the market, and we achieved 98% of the asking price! Your fee was less than ½% so that’s a pretty darn good investment!

    Jan Kelly