• 10 Lessons Learned from my Stair Adventure

    When I started this project in May, I estimated a month or so to have my two sets of stairs redone. Six months later, they are finally finished. New side rails, skirt boards, opened walls, carpet, bannisters, glass pane and paint. The stairs feel current and fresh and I’m happy....

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  • A Joyful Approach to Holiday Decorating

    Are you tempted to get some help with your holiday decorating, but something is holding you back? Every year I hear this from clients, whether it is from feelings of guilt for not doing it all ourselves, or an impression that getting help will be too expensive, or that it’s...

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  • 4 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make

    As a decor stylist/ stager in numerous houses and condos every week to give advice or roll up my sleeves and rearrange, I fix common mistakes many of these sellers are about to make until they understand what effective market preparation means today.

    Mistake #1 Expect buyers to be won over by...

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  • Stairs, stairs and more stairs

    Last week I wrote about my upcoming stair project and revealed the awful condition of my existing two stairways. Thanks everyone who responded to my request for opinions and suggestions. I have considered every one of your ideas. I've also had some specialists in to take a look. There...

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  • Vignette Staging: Yay or Nay?


    Vignette or light staging for vacant properties is when a corner of the room is dressed, or small bits throughout a space are added in without fully furnishing the space. Is it effective, is it a waste of time, or is it harmful?


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  • I’m Recreating a Stairway and You can Help!

    I'm about to start on a project to redesign​ the two stairways in my own home and would welcome any suggestions on what to do. There are so many choices: carpet or wood or both on stairs; wood, painted mdf, metal or glass...

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  • Just in time for Spring, it’s time for Curb Appeal

    Spring is a great time for great curb appeal. If this is the year you will be selling your home or this is the year you want to max out your pride in your home, this will get you going on the right track.


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  • Making the Transition from House to Condo

    There are so many benefits to condo living. Gorgeous, well-appointed units, often with stunning views; Condo buildings are often surrounded by culture, art, theatre, dining and shopping; Underground parking and walking distance to amenities means not dealing with snow anymore and much less use of the car; The clutter-free lifestyle...

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  • Dominican Decor

    I’ve just spent a week in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, with my daughter and two wonderful friends. This was not an ordinary vacation. We were there to volunteer at Dove Missions, an organization that advocates for the local Dominican and Haitian kids who live in poverty.

    Puerto Plata is situated at the...

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  • Whimsical Musings

    Many considerations and factors go into the making of a great space. One of the important ingredients of a successful room is a touch of whimsy.

    Whim-sy: noun playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humour a thing that is fanciful or odd

    Why is it important? Whimsy keeps a...

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  • Melanie has a way of making things easy when it comes to interior design, Her approach is not overwhelming – just a series of very logical steps that produces outstanding results.

    Geoff Palmeter