• The Dining Room: Is it Still Valuable?

    Designated dining rooms are not as high on the priority list of Canadian homeowners as they used to be. Homes are getting smaller, main floors have fewer walls defining specific areas, and condos which dictate efficient use of space are increasing in popularity. I visit homes every week...

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  • What All Home Sellers Need to Know

    A professional stager will help you address the specific goals for preparing your property for sale. Your home’s colors, arrangement, personality, flow and function are all critical to a successful sale. Once you and your stager have completed your selling strategy, our part is to keep the property in...

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  • Staging for an Aging Population

    It used to be that homes sold in very much the same condition they were lived in. A little tidying and cleaning and the house was ready for buyers. Home selling standards and strategies have changed a great deal. We know now that marketing the home to its likely target audience, including the...

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  • Consultations: Maximize Your Value

    ​Consultations, properly given and received, are a very valuable service. In this cost-conscious and do-it-yourself time, consults are a great way to get on the right track, pick up the resources you may need, and get a working plan to follow through on. Whether you hire further help for the implementation or proceed...

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  • The Art of Hanging Art

    Is there a magic formula for hanging art? I often get asked what is the right height for artwork. A rule of thumb you may have heard is that art should be hung at eye level, but whose eye level and is that the top or the middle of the piece at eye...

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  • Is Wood Panelling Holding You Back?

    I recently did a facelift for a condo corporation on two lobbies. The buildings were relatively new and in good condition. The materials chosen by the builder, however, were dated and not particularly well put together. Budget was limited, and there were many residents who had many different opinions, so they hired...

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  • Can Your Personal Items Get in the Way of a Sale?

    If you are planning to sell and have been listening to the great advice available on effective home preparation, you have undoubtedly heard the term depersonalize. I have found that the concept of removing personal items from the home for selling has been one of the most...

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  • Choosing the Right Paint Colors

    One of the critical variables in effective staging and decorating is the use of colour. Colours evoke feelings. Calm, excitement, fun, formality, serenity, and silliness are examples of great feelings which colours can encourage. Poor choices of colours may result in bad feelings such as anxiety and despondency. 

    Choosing paint...

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  • Decorating Your First Room on a Budget

    Are you starting from almost nothing with almost no budget, yet wanting a cool space for your first home? Maybe you have been given a few pieces like a rug which is not very hip or a weathered bit of furniture which is getting somewhat threadbare? You appreciate the gesture but...

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  • Does Everything Need to Match?

    If you are choosing a new light fixture, or bedding, or art, how important is it that everything match? I would suggest that as long as the various pieces coordinate with each other they do not have to be the same and in many cases it is better if they are not.


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  • You are JUST THE BEST! We were delighted by you and your brilliant work. You have transformed out lives forever and you created a rural home that found a buyer in three weeks.

    Heather Horsfall