• Staging a Vacant Condo

    Staging rentals for a condo bedroom


    I’ve participated in some lively discussions lately about the benefits of staging rentals for vacant properties. Eight years ago I was the only person in the room who believed it, but these days I can usually listen more than talk as...

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  • Main Floor Family Room For Sale

    Home Staging: Why do we do it? This is the family room from a home I recently staged, before and after. A beautiful home in a great area with high demand from young families. The young family living here enjoyed their home and truly lived in it. They knew that when it...

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  • How To Live in a Staged Home

    Minimize the stress and work of being on the market Your property is ready for the market. You have followed the advice of your stager, and each and every room and closet has been edited and dressed, perhaps painted and upgraded. You are now facing the daunting realization that people...

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  • Does our decor really matter?

    Recently I spoke to the members of The Group Halifax about how décor can affect each of us differently. I used a piece of art which I have found to evoke very different responses from different people. What response do you have to it? The Group members had widely varying comments...

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  • Meeting the challenges of selling vacant space

    Getting  ready to sell often involves renting a storage unit and removing excess furniture, boxes, personal items, off season clothing, and the like from the property in order to allow a buyer to see the inside and outside space clearly and at its best. Quite often though, the bringing in...

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  • The strength of Team Work

    In my work I often experience the joy of team work. Here is a great example. A real estate agent brought me in to help a family get their house ready to sell. So I met with the family, discussed what was most important and what was going to be doable for them,...

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  • If you don’t visualize well you are not alone

    Recent studies tell us that 90% of the North American population do not visualize well. This means that most people see only what is actually in front of them, and do not see potential. Many people tell me they know what they like or do not like in terms...

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  • Refurbish hardwood floors without sanding

    Check out the results by Mr Sandless on these hardwood floors in an older Halifax home.   I viewed this property about a week before it hit the market so I knew that whatever I suggested to increase its sale ability had to be fast.  I have rarely seen floors in...

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  • A new way to achieve the home you want

    Home decorating and the use of a specialist in home décor were for a very long time considered a luxury. A designer or decorator would typically completely change a space and the cost would be high. There is certainly a market for this type of service still,...

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  • Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

    2011 began for me by attending the largest home staging convention in the history of Home Staging. This international gathering of Home Stagers put on by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) in Las Vegas was sold out and it was amazing. I brought back invaluable ideas to my business, as I&rsquo...

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  • Thank you not only for helping me, but also teaching me. I can now actually go shopping with the tips you have given me… and everyone knows how much I don’t love shopping… You’ve also saved us a ton of money. Think how many times we would have painted and still not got it right. Actually I would have given up. Never could have done it without you!

    Angela Weld