Creating Spaces For You

decoratingEveryone deserves a home that makes them comfortable and serves them well. Hiring a professional to guide you can save time, money and stress. Whether it is choosing colours and materials, designing room layouts, furniture selection, or any other aspect of home decor, Interiors by Melanie can help.

  1. Renovations and Upgrades
  2. One Day Transformation
  3. Curb Appeal
  4. Space Planning
  5. Lifestyle Decorating
  6. Move-In Decorating
  7. Colour Consultation
  8. Shopping Service

Are you dissatisfied with your living or working space?

Have you just moved into a new space, or changed your requirements of the space you have?
Do you have a room that is not being well utilized, or would you like to change the look of your space?
When form, function and style are in sync in a space, that space will be optimized. Put the expertise of Interiors by Melanie to work for you.

  • Thank you not only for helping me, but also teaching me. I can now actually go shopping with the tips you have given me… and everyone knows how much I don’t love shopping… You’ve also saved us a ton of money. Think how many times we would have painted and still not got it right. Actually I would have given up. Never could have done it without you!

    Angela Weld