Creating Spaces That Sell

Selling your home? Have it staged to sell faster, for more.

Interiors by Melanie offers a wealth of experience and expertise in home staging. If you are living in your home while it’s on the market, staging can greatly improve saleability. Changes may include repairs, fresh colours, room set-up, and accessories. If your property is vacant or not well dressed for its target market, staging can provide the furnishings and accessories that will create broad appeal. Services include consultation (get the advice you need), rentals (furniture and accessories to dress the home for sale) and showcasing (we do it for you).

Staging is not decorating. Nor is it fluffing, or simply decluttering and cleaning.

Staging involves reorganizing, refreshing and reducing; identifying the target market; editing, merchandizing and showcasing, so the potential buyer does not feel like a guest but rather feels at home. Both the interior and exterior of a property are important. Curb appeal is critical. A staged home draws in a buyer as it presents its best first impression. It is arranged so as to appeal to as broad a range of buyers as possible. A staged home is prepared in terms of repairs and condition so that the buyer will see no reasons to lower their offered price or go elsewhere.

Today's average home buyers are educated, savvy and in a hurry; looking for a "toothbrush house"--- plunk their toothbrush in the holder and get on with their lives. They want a house that requires no work or changes, and offers the lifestyle they desire. A buyer will form an impression of a home within the first five seconds. That may be all the time a seller has to put their home's best foot forward.

Consider the demographic realities of the current Canadian real estate market. The average first time buyer is 32 years old. The average seller, on the other hand, is 57. There are significant differences in how these two parties spend their money and view the world. A typical 32 year old buyer expects instant happy, has little or no cash flow, is willing to carry a big mortgage, and has no repair or maintenence skills. Staging provides the necessary bridge between the different lifestyles of the buyer and seller.

In many cases the critical first impressions of a home are formed online. In fact over 80% of people across Canada home shop online. Buyers decide from the pictures they are shown whether to view a house or not. Pictures of a staged home show the property at its best. A recent study showed that while 28% of the interior value of a home is determined by its floorplan and room sizes, a whopping 72% of its value is for how it is presented, which the seller can control.

In our local Halifax market, we have the exciting prospect of significant growth over the next several years thanks to Irving’s ship building contract. Homes which are staged for sale will have a definite advantage over those that are not, especially considering that buyers from larger cities are accustomed to all listings being staged.

The market will determine the price range in which a home will sell, best identified by an experienced REALTOR®. Staging will ensure that the achieved price is at the top of that range. The longer a house sits on the market, the less it will likely sell for. Staging will reduce the selling time.

The services of Interiors By Melanie are flexible to meet your schedule and budget.
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  • You are JUST THE BEST! We were delighted by you and your brilliant work. You have transformed out lives forever and you created a rural home that found a buyer in three weeks.

    Heather Horsfall