Staging Stats & FAQ

  • 94% of buyers aged 25-44 use the internet to search for homes. 
    Photos that draw in buyers are key. (NAR profile of home buyers and sellers 2008)
  • 79% do drive-by’s first. 
    Staging the exterior of a listing is as critical as staging the interior. (NAR profile of home buyers and sellers 2008)
  • A 1-3% investment in professional staging has a 69% return. 
  • 63% of buyers will pay more for Move-In-Ready homes. 
    Staging professionals address the potential concerns of buyers which could reduce an offered price.(Maritz Research 2006)
  • 87% of 15,000 people surveyed online said home presentation makes a difference.
    Staging allows the first impression to be the best impression. (AOL Money and Finance Poll 2006)
  • 90% of the buying population cannot visualize the potential of a property.
    These buyers do not see beyond just what is shown them. (Canadian Staging Professionals 2010)
  • 79% of sellers are willing to spend up to $50,000 to get their property ready for sale.
    The investment of home staging is actually much less than this amount. (Maritz Research 2006)
  • Home Staging provides a 583% ROI (Return on Investment).
    (HomeGains Survey of Realtors® 2009)
  • How much will I save by Staging?

    Staging is a relatively new tool in Metro Halifax and Nova Scotia.

    This makes it an exciting field to be in, as we contribute to its growth. According to, the creators of the federally recognized Staging® trademark, staging any home increases its value on average 6.3%. Interiors By Melanie has an excellent track record from the perspective of both selling time and selling price. There is a trend in the US and recently in Upper Canada where smart real estate companies are staging each and every new listing.

    The beauty of Staging is that it is inexpensive.

    We find cost effective solutions, including the use of reasonably priced tradespeople, if needed, the use of the homeowner's own possessions wherever possible, and, if warranted, household furnishings and accent pieces at a reasonable monthly rental rate. The Housing Urban Development (HUB) in the States did a study which showed that Staged homes sold for 17% more than the list price on average.

    Another study by Joy Valentine looked at 2772 homes over six months in eight US cities, from March to September 1999, and found that the average selling time was 13.9 days for staged homes versus 30.89 days for others. On average these staged homes sold for 6.4% over list price. In some cases the Staging process makes the difference between a house that sells and one that sits forever unwanted on the market. How do you meaure that?

  • Can I do this without the help of a Stager?

    Maybe. Certainly there are many self help resources available now in print and TV form.

    The tips for selling below are a good start. You may have an excellent sense of what buyers want and what your home's best features are and how to showcase them. You may know how to recognize and minimize possible areas of concern. You may have a creative flair for decorating, with the ability to know when to stop and to detach from your own personal tastes in favour of a neutral approach. Sound like you? By all means go for it, but consider having Interiors By Melanie check your results.

    Consider one of my clients who watched the TV shows on getting homes ready for market, knew that clutter is a negative, and had packed up everything that wasn't tied down or used daily. The house looked bare and cold as a result, until she called us in for help. She didn't understand the nuances of staging and her talents didn't include the ability to showcase a home.

  • Should I request a consultation or full staging services?

    The answer to this depends on your circumstances, your creative abilities, and the scope of work required.

    For those who have some aptitude for decor and have the time, a consultation will give you the detailed directions you need. On the other hand, what a difference a day makes... An experienced and skilled stager can accomplish a complete transformation after only a few hours and you haven't had to do a thing. For some, a combination of both works well.

  • Why hire a qualified Stager? Why not my realtor, friend, decorator or neighbour?

    REALTORS® can guide you, of course, because they know what buyers tend to notice and look for.

    Decorators know colours and furniture arangements that work for living, and perhaps your friend or neighbour has good taste. A staging professional, however, understands the concept that how you live in your home is different than how we sell your house. Interiors By Melanie offers the designations Canadian Staging Professional (CSP)™ and Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)™ along with years of experience and success, resulting in the highest selling price and shortest selling time for your property.

  • When should I call in my Stager?

    Ideally the house will be properly prepared before the first person looks at it, including the neighbour who knows someone who may like it.

    Allow yourself some time to have the staging done and keep your REALTOR informed. If your house is already on the market, it is still the right time to stage. All the proven reasons to stage still hold true. Staging gives an excellent boost to a stale listing, and provides the wow factor for an open house.

  • I just had my home done by a professional decorator. It should be ready to sell, right?

    Maybe not. Staging and decorating are significantly different processes with different end results.

    A home is decorated to suit the people that live in it, while a house is staged to appeal to its potential buyers. Interiors By Melanie understands that the things that make a house your home may actually be the very things that keep a buyer from being interested.

  • Is a Stager going to criticize my home, my decorating, or my housekeeping?

    This should never happen. The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different things.

    Interiors By Melanie will help you present your house at its best to the market. This is not about how you live in your home when it is not for sale. Judgment of how you live is not part of this process, only judgment of how the house will show. A qualified stager will see through the eyes of a buyer and, with an unbiased view, make the necessary changes to achieve your top dollar quickly. Once your house is sold, you can return to your style of living knowing that you did all you could to sell smart.

  • You are JUST THE BEST! We were delighted by you and your brilliant work. You have transformed out lives forever and you created a rural home that found a buyer in three weeks.

    Heather Horsfall