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Inspiring Decor since 2004

interiorsbymelanie 300

Inspiring Décor since 2004

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Melanie Orr

Melanie and Lucky

90% of people cannot visualize.

Having help with choosing the colours and materials for a home turns an impossible task into an enjoyable experience. And the results will be beautiful!

The underlying purpose of good design is to provide a home that serves its people. This is Melanie Orr's passion.

Interiors by Melanie has been decorating and staging homes for happy clients since 2004. Melanie will enhance the value, use and beauty of your space, whether the goal is to improve the function and form for you and your family, or to sell quickly and for top dollar.

Whether you'd like to keep your favourite furnishings and refresh the look, or you crave a completely new space, get in touch to schedule a Walk-and-Talk through your home. This will provide a working plan which can be implemented right away or over time.

As you make home alterations, it's wise to think ahead to the possibility of selling, and ensure that any permanent changes will appeal to your likely buyers, as well as to you. If you're selling soon, then every décor decision is considered from the buyer's perspective. Knowing your likely buyer's lifestyle preferences and expectations, and how to meet them, is the magic of staging.


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Professionalism and communication skills... ideas are amazing... a major contributor to a successful transformation.

Lise Lamothe

You are JUST THE Best! We were delighted by you and your brilliant work. You have transformed our lives forever.

Heather Horsfall

Melanie always knows how to honour a room and place the furniture. It's like the room speaks to her. She has an amazing ability to visualize and an eye for balance and beauty.

Another Happy Client

Melanie has a way of making things easy when it comes to interior design. Her approach is not overwhelming – just a series of very logical steps that produces outstanding results.

Geoff Palmeter

After two years on the market, we sold to the first person who came through after finishing all of your suggestions. The house looked so good we almost didn’t want to sell.

Kim Bottomley

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