7 Things That May Surprise You About Home Stagers

I bet you know that stagers are great at getting homes ready for sale: understanding what buyers are looking for and giving them what they want. There may be a few cool stager traits you don’t know. Here are 7 things you may not know about home stagers.

#1. Stagers are tenacious.
We don’t stop until the job is done, and when there just isn’t enough décor to properly accentuate a room, we create something. See the branches in the beautiful vase on this vanity? This isn’t the first time we’ve cut plantings from outside to create an interesting focal point. Likewise, we’re determined and resourceful when it comes to communicating with a home seller about effective home preparation.

#2. Stagers get that their ego can get in the way.
Those of us working in the realm of décor have a great passion for creating beautiful things. While this ability to create beauty is a necessary skillset for a stager, it can’t be our primary goal. The goal is to sell the property. Sometimes as stagers we would like to add in our favourite décor style, or a few more splashes of colour, or fill a corner with something, and we choose not to because it’s more important for the buyer to see the space, allowing for a bit of their vision. Our job is to enhance the property rather than overpower it.

#3. Stagers have magical powers.

Sometimes we make older things seem new again.

#4. Stagers are the best shoppers.
Finding the best pieces, knowing where to go and what’s on sale, which stores have readily available stock, and what store policies are on getting purchases out of the store ensure cost savings and best selections. Negotiating discounts from vendors and lining up contractors who will treat clients like royalty are also a stager’s attribute.

#5. Stagers are extreme endurance athletes.
I recently wore a pedometer for a typical day and racked up 6036 steps. We hang artwork, move furniture, lug bins full of pretty stuff, and run up and down a lot of stairs. Shopping can be a bit like a triathlon, too. Some Halifax décor stores are very poorly set up in terms of getting multiple purchases from the shelf to the vehicle.

#6. Stagers are amazing packers.
Check out my truck, packed and ready to deliver to a lived in home. Remember the ad where an impossible number of people crawl out of a VW Beetle? It’s sort of like that when we arrive and transfer the items from the truck to the home. Would you believe there are three side tables, a single bed, a tree, and a console table in the truck, plus the bedding, linens and décor accents? And everything arrives undamaged 😉

#7. Stagers are great leaders.
Our job is to coach and coax our clients to support the changes which will achieve the needed results for them. Even when the seller is a disbeliever; even when the sellers believe they already know everything about selling a home; even when the sellers don’t agree with each other; even when the sale of the home is not a happy occasion. A stager leads with confidence and professionalism, showing that the sellers are in good hands, and always staying focused on getting the best results for the seller.

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