A Flaming Home Obsession

By Heather McCallum

Fireplaces come in all different shapes, sizes and designs but one thing is certain, they all can add exceptional value to our lives as well as to a home, and adding or refurbishing a fireplace is a win-win investment. Fireplaces rate in the top 10% of the most desired home features, according to the National Association of Home Builders.


Fireplaces are a natural focal point in a room, whether cozy or dramatic. Add a traditional feel to a modern atmosphere by facing with bricks, like this two-sided gas fireplace. The opposite also works; update traditional surroundings with a modern fireplace design.


Fireplaces can ground a seating or dining space in a larger room, such as a TV watching area at one end of the Great Room. Fireplaces can also serve as a divider between rooms. Let’s not forget outdoor fireplaces, as well, which add heat, beauty and even food preparation to an outdoor space.


With gas and electric fireplaces, it is possible to install them in virtually any room. They can use power venting or heat zone kits to bring heat to other areas of a home while adding the amazing ambiance factor. If the natural look of a blazing fire is not your thing, there are bright colours and crystals available. I chose a wall mount electric fireplace recently for my apartment which was easy to install, gives off heat, and makes me very happy. I’ll be able to take it with me, too, when I build my own home.

If you’re thinking of either adding value to your home or, more importantly, to your life, a fireplace may be the way to go.

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