A Joyful Approach to Holiday Decorating

Are you tempted to get some help with your holiday decorating, but something is holding you back? Every year I hear this from clients, whether it is from feelings of guilt for not doing it all ourselves, or an impression that getting help will be too expensive, or that it’s silly to even worry about holiday décor. Actually more and more people are seeking help, seeing it as a way to save money and free up time. Interiors by Melanie is responding; offering Christmas Decorating for 2016.

Do any of these statements sound like the voice in your head?

The decorators will come in and change everything, and I’ll be buying not only all new ornaments, but new furniture too. Yikes I can’t afford that.
You’ll decide your budget and what if anything changes. We come with talent and a fresh eye to create a new look, even if using all existing decorations. It’s true we may suggest a different arrangement of your existing furniture to better accommodate the décor, or ask if something can be removed temporarily to make room for seasonal decor. Added joy, you’ll likely get great ideas in the process for after the holidays.

Oh we’ll just dig out the old boxes for the reception area and have the admin staff put it up again.
Instead, treat your clients or customers to a fresh and festive reception. No offense to the admin staff, who had little to work with and limited time to get it done. Tell us about your brand and we’ll find a way to honour it.

They’ll leave a great big mess and I’ll have to spend more time cleaning up than if I did it myself.
The only bits for you to clean up after will be your own packing material and boxes, and even that we can put away if directed where. I admit though, you may have to vacuum the fallen bits of boughs or sparkles that are an unavoidable joy of the season.

I’m not sure what you could help me with. We have traditions that I wouldn’t want to give up.
We’ll discuss a plan with you before anything happens, unless you prefer the Big-Reveal approach. The usual areas we decorate for Christmas are the front door, the entry, the tree, the mantle and the dining room table. If your family decorates the tree, wraps the gifts and bakes the Christmas goodies together that’s a wonderful tradition we would not interfere with, however we can come up with a new theme for the tree and we’d be pleased to help you with the rest.

This is our first year in the house or work space and we don’t know what we want yet.
What a perfect time to have professional input. Choosing lights, colors, and themes which will suit the new space and take you through years to come, and taking advantage of the sourcing know-how of a decorator will save you stress, time and money. More time for joy!

What’s that inner voice telling you now? Go for it!

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