A new way to achieve the home you want

Home decorating and the use of a specialist in home décor were for a very long time considered a luxury. A designer or decorator would typically completely change a space and the cost would be high. There is certainly a market for this type of service still, and likely always will be.

Redesign, on the other hand, comes from the perspective of using what is already there as much as possible. A transformation can be achieved with an editing; a rearrangement; the introduction of a few key elements; a change in color, usage or accessories. Redesign appeals to those who cannot or choose not to spend more than necessary to achieve a change. It is also gaining favour from those who are swinging back towards a less wasteful lifestyle, away from the throw-away perspective of recent years.

More affordable furniture, accessories, fabrics, and window coverings have become available. More and more people know that having a home that offers beauty as well as function is within their reach. A Redesign specialist is the corresponding advisor who assists people in achieving a big effect for a small investment. Services can range from a consultation which gives the client a direction and path to follow on their own, right up to project management for those clients who do not want to be directly involved with the process. Referring trades people, shopping, developing floor plans, color consultations, material sourcing plus selection and room showcasing are examples of the various services of Redesign. Quite often transformations can occur in just one day.

Even with all the self help information that is readily available today, many people benefit from the trained, skilled guidance of a professional. Studies have shown that only 10% of North Americans can visualize. That means 90% see only what is in front of them. Vision is a critical ingredient in creating a new or improved living space that meets the form and function desires of the person to use the space. A Redesign specialist provides that vision as a well as a fresh perspective, experience and market knowledge that can be invaluable.

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