Add some Light to your Life

One of the most fun, most effective, and potentially most expensive elements of home décor is lighting. Home and businesses need a good lighting plan and careful consideration of the options. There is lighting which allows us to see and perform tasks, lighting which creates a feeling, and lighting which makes a statement. Bad lighting fixtures can date or cheapen a property; great fixtures serve function and design.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Re-doing a bathroom? Pendant lights are a fantastic alternative to a vanity fixture.

Need better or prettier lighting over your kitchen sink? Consider sconces which attach to the sides of your cabinets in lieu of an overhead fixture.

Not fond of pot lights? Rail lighting is an interesting alternative which lights the room while adding in a sculptural design.

Do you have the common problem of your overhead light being off center from your table placement underneath? A cluster of lighting fixtures provides the freedom to move furniture around in many areas of the room while adding in a bold statement of design.

For our ageing population, lighting becomes even more critical. Quoted from, “on average a 20-year-old sees three times better than a 50-year-old.” Poor lighting can lead to frustration, or even accidents and falls. Fortunately, great task lighting can also be a beautiful addition to the room.

If you are selling, changing some or all of the lighting in a house going on the market is often a cost-effective selling strategy. Attractive fixtures are available at a good price for areas such as hallways and bathrooms. Consider at least one special fixture for the dining room, entry, over an island, or in the master bedroom.

A common question is which metal to choose when replacing lights. In older homes, if you are not changing out the brass doorknobs, ORB (oil rubbed bronze) may be the best choice for new elements. The same goes for replacing kitchen hardware. Ideally, all elements conform throughout the house, as if it was all chosen with care at the same time. It’s easy to make a snap decision on one fixture without considering the overall plan and end up with a miss-matched mess. Need help? Ask your decorator!

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