Adding Pizzazz to Your Space

Think back to the last time you felt really alive. You may have felt jazzed, motivated, inspired, or simply in love with life. Great feeling, right? Do you know it may have been the space you were in that made you feel so good? You can create spaces that make you feel great in your own home; add some pizzazz of your own liking.

Pizzazz: an attractive combination of vitality and glamour

Pizzazz can be achieved through the use of any décor choices, such as colour, lighting, accent walls, artwork and rugs. If you are one to make bold statements, you may want to paint one or more walls in the room in a stronger, brighter or richer colour and hang dramatic, oversized art in contrasting, bold colours. If you prefer more subtle statements, you may want to plan for less contrast in your décor.

Pizzazz is not limited to any one design style. You can create pizzazz with antiques and plants just as easily as with mirrors and crystals. In fact, adding in a touch of a different style to your space can be the very thing that adds pizzazz. Brandt Eisner, owner of Swoon Fine Art – Antiques, says, “When you combine the things you love, you can’t go wrong.”

As always, great decorating weighs in with the bones of the space itself and how the space is going to be used. A cohesive look can only be achieved if the home’s architecture is taken into account. Even the most fabulous look is not successful if the space doesn’t function well.

Feeling bored, restless or dissatisfied with your space? Add some pizzazz and take things up a notch!

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