Are Colours Coming Back?

It’s not unusual to read an article these days predicting a shift from the safe, easy beige and gray neutrals we’ve been using in our homes, towards stronger, brighter colours. Larger centres are already experiencing this, while smaller centres such as the one I live and work in will likely follow along in another year or so. In my market neutrals are still by far the fave, although many of my clients are sporting white walls which are a lovely backdrop to water views, deep wood tones and modern furnishings.

“In 2017 we are going to see rooms bursting with color,” says interior designer Sasha Bikoff, in an interview with the Observer. “It’s no longer about the ‘accent color,’ which only gives you just a little taste of uniqueness. It’s about breathing life into a space, creating a special moment, and a certain vibe that is inspirational and creative.“I expect to see lots of beautiful painted rooms in all different colors ranging from jewel tones to pastels and all the way to bright bold hues,”

We should expect to see these colours represented in upholstery, drapes and carpets as well. Oh yes and fabric window coverings are going to have a comeback. Automatic, programmable window coverings predicted to become a standard issue of new homes will include draperies which can add to energy efficiency as well as to the character of a room.

Check out this sampling of vibrant new fabrics from Canadian designers Candice Olsen and Sarah Richardson carried by Kravat.

Caution: with the use of stronger colours there can be a higher risk of disastrous results. Blending neutrals is relatively safe, however combining strong colours can leave you with a space that is at war with itself. If you crave more colour, consider using a fabric you love as your guide and copy the complimentary colours and proportions from the fabric for the whole room. Of course another option is to call in your decorator. I’m looking forward to working with more strong colours after several years of neutrals. That will be in a year or so I expect, as our market follows the trends.

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