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Outdoor Living Space and Colour

I recently spoke at a lunch and learn hosted by Norma Laflamme of Royal LePage. The topic was extending living space by … Read more

Choosing the Right Paint Colours

Choosing paint colours for many seems to be high on the list of things that cause stress. Why? Probably because there are … Read more

How Colours Affect Us

Check out these descriptions of a few favorite colours and how they affect us: Blue is one of the overwhelming favourite colours, … Read more

Garden in an Environmentally Friendly Way

by Sasha O’Connor, Garden Coach and President of Sustainable Landscape Design, For to many people, the ‘perfect’ garden has come to … Read more

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Surveys tell us that over 70% of buyers either check online pictures or do a drive-by before deciding whether to view a … Read more

If you don’t visualize well you are not alone

Recent studies tell us that 90% of the North American population do not visualize well. This means that most people see only … Read more

Top 10 Tips on How to Dress a Kitchen for Sale

Imagine your kitchen is being photographed for a design magazine. You’ll want it to be spotlessly clean, in excellent repair, and beautifully dressed … Read more

The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is truly the heart of a home. It is the room where we gather together to prepare and share food and … Read more

Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

2011 began for me by attending the largest home staging convention in the history of Home Staging. This international gathering of Home … Read more

A new way to achieve the home you want

Home decorating and the use of a specialist in home décor were for a very long time considered a luxury. A designer … Read more