Kondo Living

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Edible Décor Traditions

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Merry Christmas!

One of the traditions my daughter and I do is to be especially charitable this time of year. We contribute goodies and … Read more

Cushion Comfort

I love cushions. I use them in my own home and cottage, as well as in clients’ homes, and as a valuable staging … Read more


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Reduce, Reuse and REDECORATE

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A Flaming Home Obsession

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The SciEYEnce of Colour

By Heather McCallum When it comes to your home, taking the effects of colour into consideration can result in more functional and happy spaces. … Read more

Shopping Tips From This Shopping Pro

Shopping for my clients is one of my favourite tasks, yet highly time-consuming. Online shopping sometimes reduces searching time, but delivery time … Read more

8 Spring Steps Which Will Shake Away The Winter Doldrums

  Take down heavy draperies, wash the windows, and let the sunshine in. Switch up the rug, artwork, and cushions for lighter … Read more

Enjoy Good Health

As we start this New Year, full of promise and unknowns, I wish you plenty of joy and success and good health. … Read more

Create a New Room for the New Year

Every year when I take down the Christmas tree, I put the furnishings back in a completely different arrangement. Before I started … Read more

The Pendulum is Swinging: Minimalism to Maximalism

Includes excerpts from an article by Karen McCartney, Interior design: the new trend for decorating with ‘lots of stuff’ Beautifully proportioned minimalism, inside … Read more

The Biggest Online Decor Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by Kate McKenna (originally appeared on The internet is a mecca for home-decor lovers. When you’re shopping online, it doesn’t matter where … Read more

10 Lessons Learned from my Stair Adventure

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Assisting Aging Parents in the Family Home

The last few years I’ve been immersed in the care of my aging parents. I have a great deal of experience with … Read more

SMART Homes on the Rise

Using smart products to automate the home is well on its way to becoming a standard feature expectation. More than just a … Read more

Discover the Calm of Colouring

Life can be fairly stressful. For me, dancing, yoga and walking the dog help, but people keep suggesting meditation. Well I had … Read more

Quick Fix for a Scuffed Countertop

Living in our homes we tend to overlook small deficiencies until we get around to a fix. Something like a damaged, scuffed … Read more


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The Psychology of Floor Colour

Guest Blog: The Psychology of Floor Colour by Wood and Beyond The colour of a floor can have a dramatic impact on … Read more

A Joyful Approach to Holiday Decorating

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Tips to Cool Down your Home

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Stairs, stairs and more stairs

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I’m Recreating a Stairway and You can Help!

I’m about to start on a project to redesign the two stairways in my own home and would welcome any suggestions on … Read more

Making the Transition from House to Condo

There are so many benefits to condo living. Gorgeous, well-appointed units, often with stunning views; Condo buildings are often surrounded by culture, … Read more

Dominican Decor

I’ve just spent a week in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, with my daughter and two wonderful friends. This was not an ordinary … Read more

The Dining Room: Is it Still Valuable?

Designated dining rooms are not as high on the priority list of Canadian homeowners as they used to be. Homes are getting … Read more

Staging for an Aging Population

It used to be that homes sold in very much the same condition they were lived in. A little tidying and cleaning … Read more

Decorating Your First Room on a Budget

Are you starting from almost nothing with almost no budget, yet wanting a cool space for your first home? Maybe you have … Read more

Decorators Tend to Walk the Walk

A friend told me lately that I am an exception to the rule. You know the cliché that painters’ houses never get … Read more

Wishing you a Safe and Sensible Holiday

Over Christmas I love the glitter of lights, sparkle of ornaments, festive colours, aromas of delicious meals shared, and time spent with … Read more

Tip #4 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: Post a To-Do List

In a client’s home last week I noticed a list on the fridge which had four groups of chores for her four … Read more

Tip #3 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: Use less

I often tell clients that the kitchen and bathrooms are going to be the most work to keep ready for showings. These … Read more

Tip #2 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: Purge First

Last week we covered the use of portable bins to hold the necessary small stuff of life so that you can easliy … Read more

Tip #1 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: The Joy of Baskets

Let’s face it, living in a house that is on the market for sale is not fun. Presenting a clean, orderly, tidy … Read more

Selling? What to do with the Family Pets

You are getting ready to sell and doing everything you need to do to ensure that you show your property at its … Read more

How To Live in a Staged Home

Minimize the stress and work of being on the market Your property is ready for the market. You have followed the advice … Read more

The Continuing Debate: Artificial or Real Tree?

Remember this from my last newsletter? “If you had asked me a year ago whether I would use an artificial tree, the answer … Read more

Reclaim Your Space

I stole some time over Christmas for my annual edit of closets and file drawers. This process reminds me what is there, … Read more

Hiring a Decorator Can Pay for Itself

Have you ever thought it would be fun to have some professional help the next time you plan a room design, choose … Read more

For A Good Cause

Jamie and Lisa of the Lite 92.9 morning show recently raised $10,000 for United Way, with some help from me. This was Jamie’s temporary home … Read more

Living Through Renovations

In the process of consulting with both decorating and staging clients, I often recommend repairs, upgrades, and renovations. Many have heard me … Read more

Outdoor Living Space and Colour

I recently spoke at a lunch and learn hosted by Norma Laflamme of Royal LePage. The topic was extending living space by … Read more

Garden in an Environmentally Friendly Way

by Sasha O’Connor, Garden Coach and President of Sustainable Landscape Design, For to many people, the ‘perfect’ garden has come to … Read more

The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is truly the heart of a home. It is the room where we gather together to prepare and share food and … Read more