Choosing the Right Hues for your Home

If you are a person who takes pride in your home and wants to feel good just being there, then choosing the right combination of colours is one of the most important elements to a successful décor plan. Ask yourself:

  • what mood do you want to achieve?
  • what are your favourite colours and what colours make you feel relaxed?
  • what colours are already in place which you love and will need to coordinate with?
  • can you pull it all together on your own or do you need help?

Did you answer no or hesitate on that last question? Time to consider hiring a decorator for a colour consultation. It’s affordable – and a great way to save the money wasted on paint and materials that turn out to be a mistake.

Colour consultations may focus on paint colours. Whether you are moving into a new space and starting from scratch or looking for a refresh in existing rooms, a professional will be able to pull it all together for you beautifully and quickly. Once your goal has been determined and existing colours and textures are considered, paint colours are chosen to draw attention to focal areas, add interest where needed, blend with and pull together the other elements in the space, and flow well with surrounding areas.

Colour consultations may also focus on the colours you bring into a room through the hard materials, such as tile, hardwood, carpet and countertops, as well as through furniture, accessories, and fabrics. Each is chosen to play its part in creating a cohesive space and meeting your goals of how you want the space to feel.

Colour is critical yet tricky. Even with the popular neutral colours of today, for every colour, there are multiple choices of undertone, which may not be evident on a small paint chip. Consider the new client I spoke to recently who had previously chosen a shade of grey for her kitchen but on the wall it’s blue. Lighting and surrounding colours affect colour dramatically. A warm hugging colour you love during the day may be dreary and dull at night. Colour can be used to play down or give new life to another feature which you don’t care for, particularly hard materials, such as bathroom tile which would be expensive to replace.

Weighing in the possibility of selling the home in the future is always smart. The perfect choice for you may not be the best choice for selling. A compromise may be the right choice or preparation for change at the time of selling.

Whether you are starting from scratch, have chosen a specific hue to start from, have a photo which you want to recreate, or you want to refresh an existing space, consider a colour consultation as your starting point to create a plan for success.

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