Comfort Comes First

By Melanie Orr

Living comfortably has always been an underlying goal in my decorating, but popular styles have not always supported my efforts to achieve this. Comfort is a broad strategy yet can be very specific to how the home is used. It stems from an understanding of the lifestyle, needs and desires of the people living in the home.

Comfort can be as basic as having plugs and light switches in the right locations, as general as having lots of soft places to land, and as specific as adding a dog shower for easy clean-ups.Here are some key ingredients for a comfortable home.

Space provided for all and every task. It’s very comforting to know that there is room in the home for the family and guests to dine, play games, mingle, store their tools and toys, sleep and bathe, and more. New furniture and storage options allow flexible and multiple use for space when it’s less obvious where to fit in all the needs of the family. Side tables strategically placed support the creature comforts we enjoy close by such as a book and mug.

A layer of softness which may include feather cushions, rugs, and luxurious bedding and towels which are available now without a huge price tag.

Lighting choices which support both tasking and relaxation.

Effective temperature controls using fresh air, flexible window coverings, efficient and reliable heat and cooling sources, to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.

Physical comfort considerations which may be a specific chair with lumbar and spine support; the absence of stairs or adding a carpet runner to wood stairs; flooring which absorbs some of the shock to the knees; walk-in showers that don’t require a step up and in; a TV watching position which is straight on facing the screen.

Surround yourself with things you love. There is great comfort in coming home to a space that gets you. Whether you love minimalist or cozy, bright or subdued, you can have comfort and be comfortably in style.

Decorating icon Billy Baldwin suggested that no room is comfortable until there are things to sit upon, put upon and gaze upon.

How is the comfort in your home?

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