Create a New Room for the New Year

Every year when I take down the Christmas tree, I put the furnishings back in a completely different arrangement. Before I started rearranging other people’s homes, I would shift around my own home at least once a month. You may not be that inspired to change your surroundings, but I urge you to consider doing it every once in a while. The benefits are many.

A fresh rearrangement allows us to enjoy the things we love again. The eye stops noticing our surroundings when things are stagnant.

An openness to change reveals new possibilities.

Plenty of people put up with things only because it has always been that way, when quite often an improvement can be made quite easily. That’s why I suggest that a room be emptied before trying a rearrangement – letting go of the old way to allow new ideas to blossom. Maybe there is a way to incorporate additional seating, or add a desk to the family room, for example. What a great time to assess the use, condition, style and colours of a room. It is often easy and inexpensive to give a room a whole new appearance from just a few key changes.

It’s good for your possessions. Shifting or relocating a carpet or piece of furniture periodically will help avoid irregular fading on a wood floor. Same thing goes for fading on the back of a couch which faces a sunny window. You won’t miss a new water stain or a new spot where the cat is scratching if you periodically shift things around.What better chance for a thorough cleaning than when things are shifted around? And that’s good for our health.

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