Cushion Comfort

I love cushions. I use them in my own home and cottage, as well as in clients’ homes, and as a valuable staging tool.

Why would we want cushions around? Three main reasons:

  1. They’re comfortable to place behind the back or under the arm, or to lie against.
  2. They help furniture fit different sized people, such as a lumbar cushion behind a person with short legs whose feet may otherwise not rest on the floor of a deep seat.
  3. They add beauty and interest and can tie together the furniture in the room

Do you struggle with how to choose and use cushions in your home? Or debate with your spouse about how many are too many?

Read on for a bit of advice on cushion comfort.



In this photo, the cushions complement the radiator and help make it seem like part of the décor.





How many is too many?
There isn’t any rule of thumb on this one, other than your taste, common sense and what you want to achieve. If the sofa has more cushions than room to sit, that is likely overdoing it unless you don’t want people to sit. If it takes more than a few seconds to remove the cushions before getting into bed, that could be pretty annoying. If the goal is to add interest to the room, a minimal amount can have maximum benefit by layering cushions with complementary fabrics and different sizes. Even a true minimalist can enjoy cushions by choosing a few with colours and textures which blend into their surroundings.

Tip: Are your cushions constantly slipping down and driving you nuts? Drape a throw behind them and they’ll stay in place like magic.

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