Decorators Tend to Walk the Walk

A friend told me lately that I am an exception to the rule. You know the cliché that painters’ houses never get painted, handy-mans’ houses are in need of repair, and electricians’ houses have burnt out light bulbs? I don’t know if that is true, but I understand why it’s hard to get motivated to work on one’s own house after spending all day working on other peoples’ homes. My friend thought my house should be somewhat less put together and attractive than it is. He didn’t understand that I walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I think all or most people in my field do. At least every architect, designer, stager and decorator that I know lives in a beautiful, functional home; lovingly put together in their limited spare time because the alternative is unthinkable. I do the things in my home that I recommend my clients do in theirs. You see, I live and breathe home décor. Watch a movie with me and be prepared for exclamations about the furniture during a heavy family scene, comments about the architecture whizzing by in a car chase scene, or praise of the beautiful features in a century old home during a vicious attack in a horror flick.

My January newsletter talks about the benefits to starting the New Year with a clean slate at home by sorting, purging, and organizing files, cupboards and closets. Every great design project incorporates the practicalities of storage. Whether a person has a lot or a little to store and whether their taste is sparse or they like a more hectic decor, there is a pretty and functional way to handle it. This is another area in which I walk the walk in my own home, following the good practices that I suggest to others.

When selling, purging is a common element of the preparation for market because clean and cleared out spaces allow a buyer to best experience the home without being distracted by the sellers’ busy lifestyle. Friends and family tell me they think my house would be ready for market as is. Actually I would make some significant changes if I were selling, but the list would be short because I walk the walk.

Living in and helping others to live in beautiful homes is a source of joy for decorating professionals. We embrace change and we absorb the latest design magazines and articles like a sponge. What all this means for our clients, is that we are always up to date and inspired for out next project. We are an excellent source of inspiration, we know where to find decor pieces, and we are creative problem solvers. We walk the walk and would truly love to help you do the same.

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