Discover the Calm of Colouring

Life can be fairly stressful. For me, dancing, yoga and walking the dog help, but people keep suggesting meditation. Well I had tried ooohming with legs crossed; with and without music, voice over, and candles, with little success. My mind refused to quiet. You know those internal voices that constantly question, plan, review, prepare, and question again? Meditation is the simple (or in my case not so simple) act of learning to live in the moment which quiets these voices and helps us feel more connected with more appreciation, improved brain function, increased immunity, better sleep, longer attention span, and reduced ageing.

I had almost given up trying to meditate when I took a mini-course at my yoga studio. I found out that one can meditate in many different positions, including sitting in a comfy chair or with legs up in the air, and by doing many different activities. The one that caught my attention was to meditate by colouring. I mean, what’s not to like?

I bought myself an adult colouring book filled with black and white graphics, and some coloured pencils, and I love it. My focus is on the action of coloring in the lines, the creativity of colour selection and which patterns to emphasize, and I can watch Netflix at the same time. I can truly live in the moment while I colour and shut out everything else. I hope this works for you too!

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