Does our decor really matter?

Recently I spoke to the members of The Group Halifax about how décor can affect each of us differently. I used a piece of art which I have found to evoke very different responses from different people. What response do you have to it?

The Group members had widely varying comments as they each shared their first reaction to The Necklace. The bold colors and lines, the somewhat abstract content which opens it up to interpretation, the use of jewelry which means slavery in some cultures, the missing eyes which can suggest private or oppressed, and the woman’s statuesque pose are the components people tend to feel strongly about one way or the other.

The message in this exercise is that we do in fact have reactions to the things around us. Related to memories and our personal tastes, we are affected by colors and styles which make us feel happy, motivated, soothed, depressed, overwhelmed, or angry. I encourage you to assess your own surroundings at home and at work and think about how you react to them. If the reaction is not conducive to how you use the space, make changes!

I love The Necklace, mostly for its strength and uniqueness. It currently hangs in my living room. Nothing stays the same for very long in my house, but for now the lady on red makes me smile.

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