Dressing Open Shelves

Have you wondered how to make a shelf unit, single wall shelf, or bookcase look better? Whether it’s holding books, toiletries, electronics, collectibles, or even clothing, if you want it look good, follow these tips.

Start by emptying the space for a clean slate and determining what you want to store here. Sound familiar from the article above on accessorizing a room? Accessorizing a bookcase is not that different.

Plan on at least 1/3 empty space, distributed between the shelves. This means fewer books or collectibles are going to fit, but the payoff is a huge gain in appearance.

Mix up the contents for variety and interest.In amongst books, place décor pieces. On a bathroom shelf place stacked towels beside glass jars. Add in interesting pieces, such as driftwood or an artifact from your travels. Picture stands are a great tool for showing off framed favourite shots, adding height, colour and interest. Baskets are super for adding texture and hiding their contents.

Creating an attractive and balanced look may take a couple of tries, so don’t be afraid to start over.


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