Easy Fall Changes to Cozy Your Home

Summertime, with its long days of sunlight, open windows and outdoor living, is coming to an end. The fall and winter months tend to draw us back into the home. Our desire for warm and comforting surroundings can increase. This is pretty easy to achieve with a simple shift in colours and textures.

  • Incorporate the warm, hugging autumn colours into your home by changing up or adding to the soft accents in your home, such as cushions, door mat, drapes, bedding, and art.
  • Add layering and woolly textures, such as faux fur, sheepskin, velvet, and patterned fabrics to evoke comfort and snuggling.
  • Choose throws which provide colour, texture, layering and warmth.
  • Add in soft lighting for the darkening evenings, inside and out.
  • Attend to garden beds and outside pots, maybe adding in annual fall bloomers which will welcome you home from work and evening walks. Fall perennials, such as Russian Sage, Black Eyed Susan and Hydrangea will lead you into winter
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