Happy New Year! January 28 marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster or Red Chicken, leaving behind the year of the prankster Monkey. The Rooster’s traits include being alert and ready to take action, being the first on a scene and the last to leave, and taking chances but with precision. The Rooster is orderly and fastidious, letting nothing slip by, and always prepared, never giving up. Sounds like my kind of year. I hope this will be a great year for you filled with prosperity and joy.
It’s become popular to choose a word for the upcoming year, one word that describes where you want to put your attentions. Last year I focused on gratitude and developed what I believe will be a life-long practice of striving for a thankful approach to work, play, and life. For 2017 I’ve decided to focus on the pursuit of enlightenment. Have you chosen a theme, intention or direction for yourself for 2017?
As I say farewell to 2016, I’d like to share a few experiences that I received with gratitude.
  • I had the pleasure of working in approximately 200 homes with delightful homeowners and sellers. So many shared light-bulb moments, laughs, and successful changes.
  • Two very kind clients insisted I increase my invoice to them. I’ve been tipped before, but that was a first!
  • Realtor clients showed great loyalty by accommodating the changes to my business model when I made the decision to sell my staging inventory.
  • Clients expressed their appreciation and gave me wonderful testimonials. Receiving gratitude feels as good as expressing gratitude.
  • I was asked to write a chapter for a book on Home Staging, and I met new kindred spirits, successful stagers from Canada and US, who were my co-writers.
  • Tradespeople in various businesses provided my clients with quality work, offering their best timing and/or pricing as a favour to me.
  • I attended multiple informative educational sessions through the Centre for Women in Business, Nova Scotia Interior Decorators Association, Home Stagers Atlantic, and more.
  • Opportunities to give back in a meaningful way with 100 Women Who Care and Dove Missions in the Dominican.
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