Fresh Trends for a New Year

What’s a New Year without a few design trend predictions? Pinterest is a popular haunt for interior design buffs searching for inspiration. In fact, its home decoration content is up 75%. Here are the trends in store for 2018 according to Pinterest.

  1. patterned plantOutsized artworks: Say goodbye to empty walls! In 2018, walls will be covered with large-sized photo prints and other outsized artworks.
  2. Patterned plants: The year’s trendiest plants have geometric motifs and touches of colour.
  3. Metal mix: Metal is branching out from basic utensils to become a stylish element of home decor. Copper is matched with pieces in brass or silver.
  4. Terrazzo style: Often seen in Italian palaces, terrazzo flooring, made by setting chips of stone, marble, quartz or glass into a binder like cement, fell out of fashion in the 1970s. However, it’s working on a comeback via wallpaper prints, countertop motifs, or in little touches on accessories.
  5. Raise the roof: White ceilings are so passé; cover them in wallpaper or in strong colour for an instant update.
  6. Spa style: The designs and accessories usually associated with spas and hydrotherapy centres are heading into homes in 2018.
  7. Marquetry: Interiors gain prestige with sumptuous furniture pieces decorated with marquetry, the subtle art of creating scenes or patterns using different woods or materials.
  8. Go green: Think soothing tones for 2018, such as sage green.
  9. On the floor: Wood floors get a facelift with colours and patterns.
  10. Front door: Home decor starts at the front door, so paint it a bright colour for 2018.

Excerpt from IDRC newsletter December 2017

As with any decor decision, if you’re considering a change, it may be wise to consider first how long it will appeal, and how easy it will be to change when it no longer does. Trends come and go, sometimes very quickly, and while it’s fun to watch them and maybe use them, a healthy dose of big-picture perspective may prevent unwanted do-overs.

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