Gold is Back

I bet you’ve seen the gold tones popping up in furniture, lighting, hardware, frames, and even faucets. Following years of replacing gold with silver and black tones, gold is back. It’s not our old polished gold look, of course, in keeping with the design community’s efforts to keep people updating their decor. Just as Suzanne Saul suggested above, deliberately mixing metals is creating fantastic results.

Here are excerpts from kitchen and bath designer Jamie Gold’s article on the new trend, published this month in the San Diego Union Tribune.

For more than a decade, designers and contractors have been ripping out gold-toned faucets, shower enclosures, door handles and other relics of past eras. Maybe you’ve done so yourself. Brushed nickel, polished chrome and stainless steel have been the dominant finishes for years. Well, guess what? Gold is back with a vengeance.

In its dramatic reappearance, it is both shiny and matte, polished and brushed, antique and modern. It’s yellow, tan, even pink. And it’s everywhere! You’ll see gold, brass and rose gold tones for just about every application, sometimes mixed with other finishes for greater interest.

Like any trend, going full bore will date your home quicker than blending in a few new looks with time-tested favorites. Choose pieces you love in looks you’ve loved for years, rather than giving in to the temptation to design an entire room around a showroom display, magazine spread or Pinterest board.

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