Great Décor Brings Many Benefits Beyond Being Pretty

Not to diminish the value of pretty and the power of a beautiful space, which can make us feel awesome, and even overcome a bad day. When a space makes us feel good, it is priceless. If you don’t already have this, imagine coming home to a space which elevates your mood, makes you feel welcome, and feels like a reward.

If you don’t think you care much about beauty, consider this. You’re more apt to take care of things which are attractive to you and which you have invested in. If you own your home, being regularly well-cared for will ensure its value is preserved. Also if/when you sell, buyers will pay more for an attractive property. If you rent, you’re more apt to live in a tidy, organized home if you have invested some energy and money into setting it up in a pleasing style.

Great design is not just about being pleasing to the eye; it also ensures good functionality. Here’s a great example of a kitchen makeover which took this space from chaos to bliss for its family. In the before pictures, you’re seeing piles everywhere because storage and flow were very poor.

In the after pictures, you see the new kitchen, designed to suit family life with a pantry and breakfast bar, and opened to the dining room and family room on either side. It’s much more attractive, yet even more important is the improved flow and functionality.

Another huge benefit of a well decorated home is the positive impact it has on our mental health and productivity. When home is a place of peace, security, restoration and rejuvenation, we’re more apt to thrive. Colours, patterns, themes and styles are things we each react strongly to at both subconscious and conscious levels. The spatial balance in a room can affect whether we feel welcome and comforted, alone, or even lost. How clean and organized a room is evokes a reaction, as well. Have you ever walked into a space that is unkempt and in disarray, and immediately felt more scattered? Alternately when we walk into a space that is orderly, we feel put together. We can’t help reacting and responding to the space we’re in.

Using personal décor, such as self-made art, family heirlooms, pictures of people you love, and quirky yard sale finds that called your name, can be a fantastic way to increase the joy you get from your home. Some items may bring sadness or other negative emotions, and may be best stored rather than displayed.

All of these considerations are why great décor is designed with people in mind.

Knowing how the space will be used, with plenty of input from the people who will use it, is just as important to a decorator as the finishes and the contents.

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