Hiring a Decorator Can Pay for Itself

Have you ever thought it would be fun to have some professional help the next time you plan a room design, choose wall colours, or go shopping for new furniture? Would you consider this a luxury? Read on and this may change your mind.

  • More than being a lot more fun to have professional help rather than struggle with decor decisions on your own, having the advice and connections of a decorator can also significantly save you time and money. Consider what happens when the decisions do not come easy, or the wrong decision is made. In the case of purchases which need to be returned, there is time wasted and an eroding of your confidence at stake. In the case of painting, it is money lost as you head back to the paint store for another colour, or even worse in my opinion would be settling for the wrong colour. What if it were granite and floor tile which was not chosen well? Unfortunately I have seen some very costly mistakes made.
  • If you are not using a professional decorator you are not tapping into the market knowledge a decorator has. Knowing where to go, who to deal with, and where there is a sale or new shipment in, will avoid wasted shopping time and direct you to the best source and pricing for materials and installations.
  • Decorators have tradespeople available to them because they in turn give these people lots of work. Finding an available, qualified person on your own to do work in your home can be problematic, especially if it is considered a small job by the trade. This can result in delays in the work getting done or paying more than necessary. Consider the risk of using unskilled labour, especially if they do not carry insurance.
  • Professional decorators have developed relationships with suppliers and often receive dedicated service as a well as discounted pricing. Some of us pass that discount on to our clients which can mean 20% or more off materials and products.

The next time you dream of using a decorator, think about the value added and the avoidance of risk that a decorator brings to the table. I think you will agree it would be a wise investment rather than a luxury.

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