Holiday Decorating for the Home-for-Sale

Is your house going to be on the market over the holidays? Don’t despair. As a Realtor I sold many homes during the holiday season, including one on Christmas eve and one on New Years Day. Anyone out looking this time of year is likely to be a really serious buyer. That’s good news for you, as long as you’ve done your job well in preparing the house for market and choosing a Realtor who will give you their 100% despite the lure of Christmas office parties. Your house is pared down or beefed up to show at its best; now do you add holiday decorations or not? The answer falls along the lines of the staging mantra, Less is More. If you’re living in the house and if you have a young family this may be especially challenging, still the best strategy is to see the house as a product on the market rather than as your family home. The buyer comes first when you are selling, if you want to achieve the best sale.

The buyer wants to see the property, not your decorations, so add in just enough holiday decor to evoke the warmth and family spirit of the season. I usually suggest a fantastic wreath or pot at the front door; a tree if there is plenty of room or a simple fireplace arrangement. That’s it. No garlands, no cards on holders, no special rugs and towels and table clothes, no Santas or Father Christmases. Keep your eye on the goal, so that next year you will be holiday decorating to your heart’s content in your new home. All the best wishes to you for a speedy and successful sale!

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