How To Live in a Staged Home

Minimize the stress and work of being on the market

Your property is ready for the market. You have followed the advice of your stager, and each and every room and closet has been edited and dressed, perhaps painted and upgraded. You are now facing the daunting realization that people will be coming through at any time, sometimes with short notice, but you also have to live here and get on with your daily life while keeping the house looking just the way it looks right now. Yikes!

Don’t panic. All the excellent preparation you did is going to grab the attention of a buyer and keep these days of inconvenience to a minimum. Also, there are little things you can do to make this process much easier.

If there are several bathrooms in the house, make all but one or two off limits. That way you will only need to clean and tidy the ones being used.

In areas like the bathroom and bedroom place toiletries and small personal items in baskets or bins. Make a space under the sink or in the bedside stand to hide away for showings. It is much easier to tuck away one bin than to grab and stuff several items.

If possible move to off-site storage items which are rarely used, such as formal dinnerware, the lobster pot, and off season clothing. Not only is this a great selling strategy for showing spacious closets and cupboards; this will make room for stashing the day to day items you want around but out of sight for showings. For example, the toaster comes off the counter for showings and fits into the newly created space in the cupboard.

Make a list of last minute to-do’s before a showing. What to wipe down, toilet seats down, pet things and garbage removed, check the lights, a fast walk through.
Everybody should help out and get in the habit of always leaving the house ready. Everyone makes their bed, cleans their room, cleans up after themselves in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, and even pumps up the couch after watching TV.

Prepare a lighting plan for day and night. Have lights on for any dark areas such as lower level hallways, accent lights on for ambiance wherever appropriate, special lighting such as under counter and pot lights to show them off, exterior lights to enhance the property from late afternoon on, and all lights on if an after dark showing.

Happy selling! Remember, this is all about getting your property sold faster and for more.

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