Is Staging Expensive?

I hear sometimes that staging must be so expensive. You might be surprised by how affordable it really is. Not only that, when a return is greater than an expenditure, then definitely no it is not expensive whether it is minor or more substantial changes which are required.

Home staging is an investment rather than a cost. Staging uses effective strategies to show the home at its best for its likely buyers. Current condition and decor, price range and buyer expectation will affect how much improvement may be needed to invoke a buyer’s desire to buy. So generally, how much does it cost? My staging services range from a one hour consult to overseeing large projects, and everything in between. A staging consultation will benefit anyone who is planning to sell a home. Consults are typically done with the sellers in a walk-through format which provides reasons, recommendations and options; a working plan to a successful sale. For an average sized home the investment will be between 125.00 and 250.00 plus hst. Other services I can help with include sourcing, shopping, material selection, acquiring quotes from trades people, project management, and the critical final set up or showcasing. These services are typically charged on an hourly basis. Staging rentals are available for vacant properties and lived in homes which are in need of key contents to show size, usage and lifestyle, priced on a quote basis. There is plenty of statistical evidence that staging pays.

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