Main Floor Family Room For Sale

Home Staging: Why do we do it?

This is the family room from a home I recently staged, before and after. A beautiful home in a great area with high demand from young families. The young family living here enjoyed their home and truly lived in it. They knew that when it came time to sell, some changes were going to be needed. The family room was one of the areas that needed change. Here’s the before and after perspective.

So what did we do, and why?

Even though the target buyer was young families, this room was dressed as a grown up space, while the rec room on the lower level took the toys and baby gear. For buyers who had not started a family yet, or have older kids, this would bring the comfort up significantly. Those with young children aspire to this kind of space, even if it’s not the reality.

Upgrading the furniture in effect increased the perceived value of the home. Using one less chair and a smaller ottoman opened up the space to improve size perspective and traffic flow.

Placing cushions and decorative items on the built-ins showcased the functionality of them and drew attention to the fireplace.

Removing family photos would allow buyers to feel at home here, rather than a visitor in someone else’s home.
Not placing a rug kept the space expanded and showed off the beautiful hardwood floor.

Adding in dark cushions and the silver floor lamp connected the room with the adjoining kitchen’s dark cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, while the red cushions complimented the living room on the other side.

Every room is different, and these strategies may not be the right ones for your specific room. If you would like advice on how best to dress your space for sale or for living, I’ll be delighted to help.

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