Meeting the challenges of selling vacant space

Getting ready to sell often involves renting a storage unit and removing excess furniture, boxes, personal items, off season clothing, and the like from the property in order to allow a buyer to see the inside and outside space clearly and at its best. Quite often though, the bringing in of key items can also be a key strategy for a successful sale. This may be accessories which bring color and interest to a room or accentuate a fantastic feature of the property, or it may be furnishings which show the lifestyle, size and function of a space. In the case of a vacant house, adding contents for market presentation provides many benefits.

An uninspired space can become inspired with the right contents. Showing function and size are important, but the real success in this space is the creation of a wow factor in spite of the room itself being bland.

An empty room actually seems smaller than it is without a visual reference on hand. Placing the appropriate sized contents effectively shows size perspective. A dressed room which offers a balance of contents and clear space shows the buyer possibilities while allowing room for whatever their intended use may be. Neither an empty nor an overstuffed room is a good idea for selling.

Every flaw tends to show in a vacant space. The small faults in wall condition and painting as well as minor scratches on the floor do not stand out when a space has interesting decor to draw the buyer’s eye. Décor pieces also serve the purpose of creating excitement about what’s coming up. Looking at the picture on the right, don’t you want to see what is around the corner at the end of the hall? This hallway did not get painted; turning lights on in places where there is no natural light can significantly improve the view.

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