New Trends in Furniture

Attica is a Halifax based furniture store offering high quality in contemporary and modern styles. If you haven’t already, visit their beautiful space at 3065 Robie Street. A quote from their website: Our modern concept of beauty is clean lines without unnecessary adornment. Let the beautiful become part of your everyday life.

Recently, Attica co-owner Suzanne Saul spoke to the Nova Scotia Interior Decorators Association (NSIDA) about what the current trends are in the furniture world.

Suzanne’s customers are craving warmth, comfort and interest, tired of grey interiors.

Geometrics are showing up in fabrics, wall vinyl and draperies; however, a little bit goes a long way.

Swivel chairs are popular for their versatility and comfort.

Laser cut technology has found its way into furniture production resulting in striking designs.

Modern organics are very popular, including hard pieces made from live edge and reclaimed wood, and in rugs and textiles. Suzanne’s customers are choosing feather filled sofas and linen slipcovers.

It’s a new era of mixed materials. Warm metals are in, and mixing of metals is popular. Mixing of metals, woods, glass and stone is evident in furniture pieces and room designs. Vintage mixed with modern styles is popular too.

Mid-century styles are trending, especially in statement pieces such as an accent chair. Attica’s manufacturers of mid-century are experiencing significant growth as their products gain in popularity.

Artisan has resurged. Made to order is the new order. Incidentally, if you are looking for something special, Suzanne’s partner Chris Joyce is an award-winning furniture designer who creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition works out of steel and other materials. Find examples of his work here.

Warm, soft, inviting textures are drawing people’s attention, including velvet and feathers, and tufting.

Layering shades of blue is very popular now in fabrics, lamps, metals, and rugs, such as the 100% New Zealand wool rug by Calvin Klein pictured here.

Blush is another big current colour trend in home décor. Pink sofas have appeared in several Halifax furniture stores, including the new Ikea. Tropical colours and greens are also in.

Suzanne says her customers are looking to decorators for guidance with current trends, especially the mixing of materials. Simplicity may look easy but it’s hard to do. Going too far can lead to tacky. Skill and restraint are needed.

Photos in this issue are from the Attica website. Check out their website for more.

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