“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree”

I have found myself immersed in Pinterest more than a few times lately. Ohhh, the Christmas décor! The new trend towards themed trees and the move away from only using traditional colours has opened up limitless possibilities. A themed tree can be based on a colour, a style, a topic, a sport, or anything.

Whether your tree is real or artificial, large or small, whether you put up one tree or more, whether you like it sparse or loaded, theming is a great way to provide focus and a stunning result.

I’ve done and seen musical instruments, dolls, birds, clocks, ribbons, glitz, fish, toys, flowers, seaside, fruit, candy, natural, angelic, sports, bows and balls; purple, pink, orange, red, blue, white, silver and gold; traditional and modern.

You don’t need to limit it to the tree either. Add a little of your theme to the mantel and tabletops too.

You probably don’t want to have to buy new every year as you change the theme. Alternating years with two or more themes is a way around that.

Keeping some of the components consistent is another, such as using the same ornaments and changing up the ribbons. Adding additional trees to your home, such as one for the family room or one just for the kids, is a way to use older yet sentimental décor that doesn’t fit the new themed décor.

Using bows and ribbons can be an economical way to dress the tree and change it up without too much added cost. Mesh decorating ribbon is an option that is quite affordable at 10 yards for about $10. It’s readily available, useable inside and outside, and comes in lots of sparkly colours. Tutorials are available online showing you how to make elaborate bows or wreaths from mesh.


The only limitation is your imagination!

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