Outdoor Living Space and Colour

I recently spoke at a lunch and learn hosted by Norma Laflamme of Royal LePage. The topic was extending living space by creating outdoor rooms. Thanks to those of you who were able to attend.

One of the things talked about was colour. There is a wide assortment of outdoor planters, furniture, rugs, cushions, art, sculptures, etc. available now in a wide array of colours. If you are developing outdoor space, here are a few colour suggestions.

While this is a chance for you to go a little wilder than you might in the house, it is still important to blend somewhat with your indoor colours and the exterior colours of the house. This is about extending your space and good flow from inside to outside will help to achieve that.

Keep in mind that the neutral colours we tend to use in our homes will not show up as well against the backdrop of nature. Consider bright, bold colours for the outdoor space. And don’t worry, there will be lots to choose from.

Dark colours tend to get very hot in the sun, especially for seating. Light, airy colours will not only stay cooler to the touch, but will feel cooler and airier to our other senses as well.

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