Pick Your Favourite Season For Easier Home Décor Decisions

Do you feel stuck in a colour rut, lacking confidence to tap into the dazzling array of new shades that could transform your home?

Devised by psychologist Angela Wright, this method uses seasonal colour palettes found in nature to help identify colour preferences and styles.

Interior designer Sophie Robinson, best known as a judge on BBC Two’s The Great British Interior Design Challenge, suggests that many people get overwhelmed by colour choices and just chicken out, sticking to neutrals like grey or white. The seasonal method gives people a framework, so they can clarify what they like and confidently pull a scheme together, combining colours, patterns, textures, furniture and artwork, to create the feel they want for a room. Many of us may fall into more than one season, giving us a broader choice of colours and textures to choose from.

“What I really love,” says Robinson, “is that this concept is actually very instinctive. It gets us out of our heads and back in touch with our gut, so we can make more emotional and bolder design choices, which I’m all for! Even better, the result will be a home that resonates more deeply with a person’s taste and personality and, more importantly, will be one they won’t tire of.”

If spring is your colour personality…

Light and bright sum up the spring palette, and for this colour personality type, Robinson says, “You’re the sort of person who’s energetic, full of life, young at heart and optimistic with a positive outlook. You love anything cute.”

“You favour warm and clear colours, so they have a lightness to them. You’ll embrace new design, so styling will feel modern yet welcoming, and as a feature, you like busy prints bursting with pattern and energy,” Robinson adds. “Clean lines, pale wood or painted furniture appeal, as does a little sparkle from glass and glossy surfaces, complemented by smooth, shiny textures.”

If summer is your colour personality…

“If you’re graceful, elegant and reserved in character, then you belong to the summer colour tribe,” says Robinson. “You have a love of nature and your overall look is understated, never showy, with muted, subtle colours and painterly, flowing patterns.”

“You can interpret it in a soft, romantic, floaty way – but with a touch of formality and symmetrical arrangements and structure. Attracted by tradition, you’ll often look to the past for inspiration for your look, and favour aged patinas and distressed finishes.”

If autumn is your colour personality...

“Autumn types are organic, robust and abundant,” declares Robinson. “They’re passionate people with a strong connection to nature, attracted to rich colours and furniture, with a substantial or textured feel.”

“They want their spaces to feel welcoming, cosy and relaxed, so you’ll see lots of collections of sentimental importance, and their love of art and education means they’ll also have a library of books on display. Authenticity is an important element for them, and they like a rustic style, and anything celebrating craftsmanship and heritage,” she adds.

If winter is your colour personality…

“You love drama and strong design statements,” says Sophie. “You need your home to be a reflection of your self-assurance and are likely to choose pioneering or iconic designs. Your colour palette is sharp, cool and bright, and you enhance the effect with striking patterns, like geometrics.”

“In terms of style, there’s a coolness and attention to detail throughout, and you’re drawn to the latest tech or luxury furnishings. This look can be interpreted in a minimalist way or with a dramatic maximalist scheme.

What is your colour personality?

“I remember being on a black-and-white set all day and then going out into daylight and being amazed by the colour.”

-Jeff Bridges-

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