Quick Fix for a Scuffed Countertop

Living in our homes we tend to overlook small deficiencies until we get around to a fix. Something like a damaged, scuffed countertop may be that kind of a thing. However, if you aren’t the type to overlook flaws or if you are selling your home, a quick, temporary fix may be just the thing.


Crayons, .99 cents
Spatula knife, .99 cents
A microwave-safe bowl, 99 cents (If you have one you’re willing to sacrifice to melt crayons, you just saved another .99 cents.)


Pick the Crayon whose color comes closest to matching your countertop. Peel off the paper and place it in the bowl.
Pop the crayon and bowl in the microwave.
Pour the hot, melted crayon onto the scuff mark and work it into the indentation with the spatula knife.
Scrape off the excess with the spatula knife.

The Crayon mixture will harden and dry quickly, erasing your countertop flaw.

This temporary fix suggested by http://www.houselogic.com

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