Reclaim Your Space

I stole some time over Christmas for my annual edit of closets and file drawers. This process reminds me what is there, creates room for the new year as I remove the no longer needed things, and keeps me organized and on top of things. I also rearranged the living room once the tree came down because I love the way I notice everything again when I switch it up. Read on for some tips on how to reclaim your space, whether it is living space, work space, or storage space.

Ask yourself, do you like to be there and do you accomplish what you want to while there? Or are you feeling less enjoyment and satisfaction with your space? Over time, unneeded and unwanted items can build up, our needs and wishes change, and other people come and go with their own list of needs and wishes. That’s why it’s a good idea to take stock every once in a while and stay in control of your space.

Is there a space in the home which is not getting used but has potential?Maybe there is a spare room, attic or basement space which just needs an idea and a purpose. Why not claim this space and make it work for you?

Identify any changes that have taken place which affect how you will use the space. Perhaps the kids have moved out and you can now have that reading or craft room you’ve always wanted. Maybe your tastes have changed and you want a new look and feel for the space. Maybe you have changed jobs or retired and need a new functionality for your home office.

Repurpose your possessions if you are making a change. Identify what you have which can transition to the new use of the space. Many people have a hard time imagining using their things in a different way. If this is you, ask for help from someone who is unbiased and has some creative skill.

Honour and protect the designated usage of a space by not allowing other uninvited activities to creep in. Does your work-out room get used as a storage closet? It would be better to incorporate storage into the room, if necessary, in a contained way, such as a wardrobe or chest, which is out of the way, and create a space which will motivate you to use the equipment and want to be there. Does your desk sit in the middle of the family dumping ground? I’m betting you would be more productive in a pleasant work space. I have a room in my home which serves as both office and family space so I am extra diligent in keeping the two different functions from overstepping their boundaries at either end of the room.

Consider paperless and wireless. Electronics in general are thankfully becoming less obtrusive. Compare today’s flat screen TV with the thick, hulking TVs of just a few years ago. The same can be said for computers, printers, fax machines and such, all of which reduce the eye sore and use of space.

Your time and attention spent every once in a while to reclaim your space will pay you back many times over with enjoyment, productivity, comfort, and good health.

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