Reduce, Reuse and REDECORATE

By Heather McCallum

Have you ever truly loved a piece of furniture only to get bored with it or no longer have a use for it? We can get tired of our once prized possessions as our lives and tastes evolve.

Happily, there are often ways to re-purpose the things we once loved so we can enjoy them again. That may be as simple as adding some new personality to the piece or switching up its function.

I loved this old storage chest, however, the top was falling apart and it was looking like I’d have to let it go. Sending it to the landfill would break my heart and be wasteful. Instead, I decided to use plywood, wood stain, top coat and a little bit of paint to revive my beloved chest.

That’s how my chest started its new life as a coffee table with storage. Now, this may seem like a lot of work but the satisfaction of recreating something yourself is truly an amazing feeling. It gives you a chance to decide exactly what you want and makes for a great conversation piece. I painted it a playful turquoise and white with silver accents to match my décor.


After about 9 months I was ready for a change (and I learned that if I want something to please for a longer time, I won’t choose such strong colours). I repainted the coffee table in silver and black adding a more elegant feel to my living space with great storage for my art supplies.

I see the future for my piece to become a chest again, offering storage for bedding and blankets in a bedroom. And still with me.

Our styles, colours and function need to evolve as we do. New purchases are exciting and sometimes are the best way to get the right fit. However, before you throw out something you once loved, ask yourself if it might be a good candidate for reducing, reusing and redecorating!



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