Resolution: Kitchen Comfort

By Heather McCallum

For most people the New Year begins with a goal or resolution of some sort. To ring in this year my goal is to eat better, and that starts from the comfort of my own kitchen. Creating an organized and functional space helps me to feel more inspired and productive in the kitchen. Want to make your kitchen more conducive to healthy eating? Here are some tips on creating a comfortable and nourishing kitchen.

Open up more precious counter space. Storing things out of sight allows more space to create and prep meals. Having enough space to prep may seem obvious but it’s easy for piles of non-related food and tool items to accumulate quickly. An “everything has its place” approach will help with that, and allow a truly clean work surface.

Know where things are and be able to get to them. Organizing and creating storage space for kitchen items can eliminate the daily counter clutter. It also means you’ll avoid the stress of searching and digging for what you need. There is so much comfort in having everything you need when cooking.

Functional comfort. Lighting, ventilation and appliances, all essential for cooking tasks, come in many different shapes and styles, so be sure to find the right ones that will work for you. Flow in a kitchen can determine if cooking is a pleasure or an obstacle course. Well placed plugs and easy access to the back of cupboards are also details that will affect your kitchen’s functional comfort. A place to sit and anti-fatigue mats can reduce stress on the body while working in the kitchen for prolonged periods of time.

Kitchen islands. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home, where we gather, chat, unwind, and of course, eat. Islands have replaced the kitchen table we would have seen in most homes a few decades ago. An island provides added counter space, is great for having company while cooking, and provides a place to sit or lean. And who knows, perhaps the cook gets a helping hand with some chopping, dicing or tasting.

Kitchen photo courtesy of Silver Birch Design

Creating a comfortable and functional kitchen doesn’t have to be a full kitchen remodel. Major improvements can usually be achieved with some reorganizing and minor updates. There aren’t many things more important than our health and that starts with regular nutrition from a well-used kitchen. By replacing take-out and heavily processed foods with fresh whole ingredients, we put our bodies on the road to a healthier and more energized lifestyle.

This year, with the help of a few changes to my own kitchen’s comfort, I aim to source new recipes with wholesome and healthier foods, knowing that my body will thank me for it.

If you are unsure of how to begin making changes to your kitchen that will help to inspire a healthier you in 2019, we’re here to help. Interiors by Melanie has been designing functional, beautiful spaces since 2004 and would be more than happy to provide a consultation in your own home.

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