Staging a Vacant Condo

Staging rentals for a condo bedroom

I’ve participated in some lively discussions lately about the benefits of staging rentals for vacant properties. Eight years ago I was the only person in the room who believed it, but these days I can usually listen more than talk as more and more people experience and catch on to the fantastic results. Here’s a great example of why it works.

This is the master bedroom of a new downtown condo. It has a fantastic view, lovely finishing’s including granite countertops, and bathrooms with all the bells and whistles. The asking price was comparable to its competition, but it had not sold.

Condos tend to have smaller rooms than the house left behind. It’s a tough transition to learn to live with less, especially for those who are not buying all new contents to suit the smaller space. Do you know that rooms seem smaller to us when they are empty? Does this room look like it will hold all the necessary furniture of a master bedroom?

90% of Canadians cannot visualize. If you look at this room and cannot imagine what to do with it, you are not alone.

Staging the room shows buyers that the room comfortably holds a queen bed with headboard, two bedsides, a double dresser and a chair with room leftover. Staging rentals have shown size perspective along with potential for that added desk or dressing table a buyer may want.

What else has the staging done? Without excluding any gender or age, and without detracting from the outstanding view, this room has gained personality, beauty and warmth. Staging has increased its perceived value.

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