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Selling your home? Have it staged to sell faster, for more.

In most homes, there are ways to maximize the property’s attraction to potential buyers. Staging can greatly improve sale-ability with showcasing to appeal to as broad a range of buyers as possible, specific to the property. Changes may include repairs, fresh colours, showing a different lifestyle, furniture arrangement, and re-accessorizing.

Staging is not decorating. Nor is it fluffing, or simply de-cluttering and cleaning.

Staging a home for sale includes:

  • identifying the target market
  • refreshing and repairs both inside and out
  • reducing or adding to its contents
  • editing, merchandising and showcasing, so a potential buyer feels at home

A staged home draws in a buyer as it presents its best first impressions.

A staged home is offered in excellent condition so the buyer will see no reasons to lower their offered price or go elsewhere.

In most cases the critical first impressions of a home are formed online. Buyers decide from the pictures and videos they are shown whether to view a property or not. Professional photographs of a professionally staged home show a property at its best. A recent study showed that while 28% of the interior value of a home is determined by its floor plan and room sizes, a whopping 72% of its value is determined by how it is presented.

Today's average home buyers are educated, savvy and in a hurry, looking for a move-in ready home. A typical 30-something buyer expects instant happy, has little or no cash flow, is willing to carry a big mortgage, and has no repair or maintenance skills. They want a property that requires no work or changes, and offers the lifestyle they desire. A buyer will form an impression of a home within the first five seconds. That may be all the time a seller has to put their home's best foot forward.


In a recent study of 1081 homes by the Real Estate Staging Association...

  • Unstaged homes spent an average of 184 days on market before staging. After staging, these homes sold on average in 41 days.
  • Homes staged prior to going on the market sold on average in 23 days.

RESA Home Staging National Statistics Report


Here's what you need to know about our market.

In the Canadian home market it’s very common for the buyer to be significantly younger than the seller. Consider how differently these two parties live, spend their money, and view the world. Staging provides the necessary bridge between the different lifestyles of the buyer and seller.

Halifax is growing. Resale homes have to compete with new builds. Homes which are staged for sale will have a definite advantage over those that are not, especially considering that buyers from larger cities are accustomed to all listings being staged.

The market will determine the price range in which a home will sell, best identified by an experienced REALTOR®. Staging will ensure the achieved price is at the top of that range.

Melanie Orr offers a wealth of experience and expertise in home staging.

A staging consultation will provide the blueprint needed to get the home to its best sale-ready condition. From there you’ll know what you will do yourself, what will require tradespeople, and what you’d prefer done for you by an experienced stager. Interiors by Melanie's services are flexible to meet your needs and budget.

Home staging makes a home present brighter, warmer, cleaner, larger, and more user-friendly. Staging makes buyers want to buy. Make sure your property sells at its best with Melanie's expert advice and services.

Get in touch with Melanie to get started on your home's plan, preparation and presentation.

Melanie has been an integral part of our real estate team for over a decade. Each of our home sellers' properties receives a design consultation and staging treatment prior to being listed for sale. From selecting appropriate paint colours, to reworking furniture placement to showcasing a home's best attributes, Melanie's staged properties are inviting, welcoming spaces which ultimately feel like homes. Avoiding a typical, inauthentic "staged" look, Melanie skillfully combines the homeowner's own personal possessions with props from our inventory, when required. Artfully embodying the aesthetic of the likely buyer by creating warm, inviting spaces with broad appeal for new potential owners, Melanie brings out the very best in each of our listings, every time! As a result, our properties are consistently selling in less than half the average time on the market and are fetching higher purchase prices than the industry standard. Our relationship with Melanie has directly contributed to our continued success in this competitive industry and we can't imagine doing business without her!

The Falkwin Group

Top 1% of Realtors across Canada for Royal LePage

We have worked with Melanie for 8+ years as our home stager and highly recommend her to all our clients who are getting ready to sell. Melanie gives valuable advice on what to do to get your home ready to actually coming in and working hard to make every room picture perfect on the day of listing. Melanie always makes herself available, pleasant, professional and full of energy. The best proof of my faith in her is that once she gets a home ready, it sells in less than half the normal time of other homes on the market. We use her on all my homes and have fantastic results!

Sheila Banser & Ryan Banser


We accepted an offer today and have another waiting in case it doesn't go through. All three parties who came through the house since you staged were interested. Before staging, we had a lot of viewings and at the same price point, with no interest. Needless to say we are delighted with your work.

Lisa and Dave Desantis


HOME STAGING: The Power That Sells Real Estate: Home Staging Experts Share Industry Secrets

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