Table Settings that Set the Stage

Preparing the big dinner, whether it’s for 2 people or 20, whether it’s turkey or vegan, is a lot of work. Set the table with style, and set the stage for a leisurely celebration of the fabulous meal and the treasured family and guests around the table.

Plan the seating arrangement. Are there people who get along well, or who you want to get to know each other better? Name cards are a nice touch and so easy if you have a printer.

Pick a theme. Traditional, rustic, sparkly, natural, Dr Seuss, colour based; limited only to your imagination.

Start with a table cover and work your way up. Raymond Pattingale of Dinner and Design used burlap and fur on the table in his spectacular Homes for the Holidays design this past weekend in aid of the Junior League of Halifax.


Place a commanding display in the centre of the table which fits your chosen theme. This might include greenery, fruit, festive flowers, balls, candles, mirrors or crystals. Tips: Use a tray shaped the same as your table as a base for easy moving to change a cloth or clean underneath, and weave in a string of battery powered lights as the perfect complement to your chosen decor. Many of these light strings have a built in timer which turns on and off at the same time every day.


Define the place settings with a coordinating trivet, oversized plate, or place mat. Make use of multiple plates and bowls to build up the effect, and place something decorative on each setting. This can be a small gift that the guest takes home, a party cracker, or the appetizer, for example.

Sprinkle small crystals, mirror chips or tiny ornaments around the place settings for added glam.



For a natural theme, driftwood, nuts, greenery and berries are lovely natural accents. Mix with decorations and lights or candles for a festive touch.

Make use of left-over tree ornaments in a glass vessel or on a tray as a beautiful display for the sideboard.

The countdown continues. 16 days to Christmas!! Are you dying to get some help with your holiday decorating? There’s still time. Call me.

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