The Continuing Debate: Artificial or Real Tree?

Remember this from my last newsletter? “If you had asked me a year ago whether I would use an artificial tree, the answer would have been Never! Well, guess what I bought last week? A 7.5 foot natural-looking fake.” Well here’s the rest of the story.

After my long self-debate and research and soul searching, I had decided I could stand to switch to artificial. The feedback from my daughter was not good, but I was resolute. Until I realized that a 7.5 foot fake tree weighs a ton. We could not get that thing to go together without wobbling really bad. So back it went to the store, and I was the first customer at our local tree lot this year so I would have it up and decorated in time for our party the end of November.

Fast forward about a week and I noticed there was water on the floor around the tree. Now I am tree-savvy and had placed a garbage bag under the tree stand, but the water was under that too, on the hardwood. I lifted the tree a bit to pull out the bag, and the stand let go. The tree was completely unsupported. Yikes! Thank goodness I caught it and thank goodness my daughter was there to help. After much trying of this and that, and curses thrown in, it became apparent we needed a new stand. That took three stores to find one, which left my daughter holding the tee upright for over an hour.

We came so very close to having a tree-less Christmas that day as I wanted desperately to heave it out the back door. Calm and wisdom prevailed and we quite enjoyed our chubby, fragrant tree.

Next year, who knows? I think I’ll do a themed tree, whether real or artificial. All white, maybe.

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