The Making of a Crystal Forest

I spent the last couple of weeks immersed in the creation of a Holiday Home in support of the Junior League of Halifax. Their annual Homes for the Holidays event generates funds for local children. What a great cause and a great time of year to give back!

I was assigned to a gorgeous south end Halifax home which was rebuilt this past year by Realtor Vivian Baydar and her husband. Let me show you the beautiful home I worked on and how it all came together.

Vivian and Said rebuilt 6100 Oakland with a fresh, open and contemporary design. In order to make room and create flow for the hundreds of visitors over the event weekend, rearrangement and removal of some of the furniture was needed. I knew I wanted to build on the home’s calming colours, while featuring the exquisite dining room light fixture, and create a wow for the many visitors coming to see ideas for their own decorating.

With an open floor plan, it was my challenge to create a flow that gave visitors enough focal points, so I decided on a grouping of trees to break up the space a bit and suggest a new idea. I also wanted to create holiday décor which the family could enjoy for this home’s very first Christmas, even after their furniture was put back in place. The Crystal Forest theme was born, and my very talented assistant Lisa Taylor and I got to work.

Imagine yourself in the fragrant woods after a rain fall has left jewelled water drops sparkling in the filtered rays of sunshine. This was the vision for The Crystal Forest.

The decorations came from our own inventories, the Baydars’ own pieces, our creativity, and a variety of stores. My thanks go to Atlantic Gardens for donating the lovely green pots, Wicker Emporium for the tiered dessert tray, and the Junior League elves who helped with the outdoor decorations and moving furniture.


The planning and shopping took place over a couple of weeks; the set up took three days. Everything went smoothly, in spite of things always taking longer than anticipated, and two fallen trees needing a better way to keep them upright in the wind. I hope we shared lots of inspiration.

Samples from the Crystal Forest…

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”

– Bob Hope

Have a Very Merry Holiday!





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