The Search for a Bathroom Mirror that Reflects YOU the Best

By Heather McCallum

Ledge Mirrors. Photo from Silver Birch Designs

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all share is their key components; a mirror, toilet, and sink, and in full bathrooms a tub and shower. Mirrors are a great opportunity to add beauty, charm, functionality, and the illusion of space to a bathroom.  Follow these steps to help narrow down the search for the perfect mirror that reflects you the best!

Step one: Decide what your bathroom needs are.  Is storage important? If so, a mirrored medicine cabinet may be a good option. If the convenience of storing a few things handy and in sight is appealing, then a ledge mirror or mirror with a shelf can do the trick. If fine tasks such as makeup application are important then consider a mirror with built in lighting, or a pivoting mirror which can tilt up and down. A mirror’s job in a powder room may be more of a “quick view”, where a well-sized framed or unframed mirror will serve well.

Step two: inspiration. If you’ve been in a friend’s bathroom and loved their mirror, or have seen something online or in a showroom that speaks to you, that may be your inspiration.  Searching online is also a great way to come up with ideas of the style and the impact you want.  Bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in a home, so every opportunity to dress them up counts. Whether the bathroom is getting a full makeover or just a new mirror, consider what style will work with the new or existing bathroom. Houzz Wayfair and Amazon are great websites to scroll through for ideas or use a refined search if you already have a style in mind.

Step Three: Be prepared. When you’re ready to source and shop, be sure to know your ideal size, colour, and finishes. Photos and colour chips are helpful to carry with you, and maybe building plans for a new or renovated bathroom. You’ll want to ensure that the new mirror will work with the vanity, the lights, the colours, any artwork in the room, and the space available.  Measurements of where the mirror will be placed should include any wall outlets, lighting, backsplash, and height of faucets which will have to be considered. You’ll also want to make sure the mirror reflects the people who will be using it, whether tall or short. Custom made mirrors are always an option if finding the perfect fit proves challenging.


Mirrors are a bathroom addition that marries functionality, beauty and décor. Finding the perfect one is worth the search! Want more mirror tips and inspiration? Read more at Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Need more help?  Consult a professional. Interiors By Melanie would love to help!


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